Sunday, November 1, 2015

Carry On, Let The Good Times Roll


it might be too late to blog about this but i don't care.

so i've been away to Langkawi for 4 days (16th Oct - 19th Oct) for Construction Management's final year studio trip. to be honest i wasn't that pumped about going since we've been there during our first year in School of Housing, Building and Planning. there were so many things that went wrong throughout the short trip but i tried to have as much fun as possible despite all the craps that happened.

so the highlight of the trip was the snorkeling part, of course. we were given about 3 hours to enjoy the underwater view in Pulau Payar. i was so thrilled since i really love swimming and i haven't done it for ages. but i felt sorry for my friends who've never learn to swim before and some of them didn't even know what to do with the snorkeling gears, so i spent the first half an hour teaching them how to breathe using their mouth while putting the snorkel on. i finally stopped to help because one of my friends kept on spitting in front of my face everytime she accidentally swallowed sea water. i didn't mean to be selfish.. i mean, i know that breathing through your mouth is unnatural, but dude at least tilt your head to other direction before spitting. what do you expect me to do when i keep seeing spits floating in front of my face.. it's disgusting, i just can't..

so i went to deeper level (about 7 meter) and god, it was amazing. i saw corals for the first time and a lot of other impressive huge, colourful fishes of all sorts. my personal favourite part was when feeding the fishes. everytime you throw a tiny piece of bread, about 40-60 fishes came all at once to scramble it. so what i did was, i took my head underwater and asked my friends to keep throwing food in front of me. so throughout the food feast, i was literally surrounded by hundreds of fishes. i really wish i had a go pro camera with me, it was splendid i had so much fun.

oh and there were several baby reef sharks wandering by the shore of the beach. i tried to touch them but they're pretty fast. 

the next thing i'd like to highlight was the visit to Langkawi Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise. variety of bird species can be found here - from ducks to owls, macaws, palm cockatoos, canaries, toucans, hornbills, flamingos, pheasants, budgerigars, ostrich, vultures, Brahminy Kites and white-bellied sea eagles. although it's called a 'Wildlife Park', don't expect something like tigers or leopards as they only keep species which aren't difficult to maintain. so non-exotic mammals and reptiles like bear cats, rabbits, raccoons, guinea pigs mouse-deer, snakes, porcupine, monkeys and crocodiles are here.

the thing that i truly like about this place is the close interaction that you can get with the birds and animals. you can actually hand feed most of them, which makes the entire journey quite exciting. well, at least for me. most of you might not know - i grew up as an ornithophobiac, because i had this memory of my flesh being pecked by a huge bird when i was a kid. being surrounded by all these birds, although quite an overwhelming experience,  was nevertheless memorable. some of them look super scary, but they take seeds directly from my palm without hurting me. i'm so grateful they didn't cause me trouble. i might end up slapping them to death if they ever try to peck me.

we did other activities as well but i don't think they're that important to tell so let's skip that part.

so.. i guess that's it. i've uploaded some photos on my Instagram so feel free to check them out. the link to my account can be found at the top bar.

until next time. x