Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Product Review : Wet n Wild Mega Protein Waterproof Mascara

lemme get this straight - this product was never in my wishlist. one day i was just doing something and suddenly it crossed my mind that i don't have anything from the brand Wet n Wild (i don't think it's available in Malaysia). so as usual, i just randomly searched beauty products on Carousell and i found this mascara on the listings. being a mascara freak, naturally i felt like i need to own it, so long story short, i got it for RM15 andddd here's my review.

the mascara comes in a cute lime-green colored plastic tube. there's nothing fancy about the packaging, but then it's a 2 bucks mascara so that's that. the overall size is shorter than usual (almost like travel size), but i like it that way as i can easily fit it into my purse. the applicator wand is straight and it picks a sufficient amount of the product needed for each application. the wand is easy to maneuver around lashes, but i find that the product darkens the eye area post usage.

i thought the mascara is good to use if you're on-the-go. it does make my lashes look slightly longer and fuller. because it's light, it looks very natural. it's always wet when it goes on, so it's not drying, and doesn't clump or flake off. the mascara is black in colour, which i prefer, but there just isn’t anything really special about this mascara. it's not even waterproof.....
the mascara claims to not only defines your eyelash temporarily but it also works to improve the thickness and quality of your eyelashes by nourishing it with the soy and wheat nutrients it contains. however i couldn't comment anything on that because it's not like i use it every single day. i use it every now and then when i go to classes but it's definitely not my favourite.
overall, i think this is a good everyday mascara that can enhance the appearance of your eyelashes. the product is super cheap, so for the lovely bright tube and the quality of the product, it’s worth a buy. i'd recommend it for daily use and college/work wear. but for occasions/intense makeup looks, this mascara might not be a good idea.
 so that's all from me, i hope this post is helpful. xx