Saturday, April 13, 2019

Product Review: Neutrogena® Moisture SPF 15

this time i thought of sharing with you all my experience with Neutrogena Moisture SPF15.

back in my teenage years, i relied on drugstore products to take care of my hormonal acne issue. Neutrogena was one my favourite brands besides Simple and St Ives. so when i was looking for a sunscreen, i instantly looked for something from these three, and that's when i found Neutrogena Moisture SPF15. back then i thought "hey a moisturiser and a sunscreen, 2-in-1 product. save time, save money!" right......

the sunscreen comes with a good quality pump dispenser in a white plastic bottle that contains 100ml of product. very convenient and hygienic packaging. you can easily carry this in your handbag without the fear of spilling.

it is a two-in-one product: moisturizer clubbed with SPF 15 which protects skin against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

quite a thick consistency, not too runny like lotion nor very thick like cream. it's somewhat in between.

as you can see the consistency is like other moisturisers.

once absorbed it will not look like a white cast on your face.

the product is oil-free, which is supposed to be perfect for those who have oily skin. however i find that it leaves a sticky feeling post application, and it took quite a long time to fully absorb and become somewhat sheer and semi-matte. the effect doesn't last that long though. even though i'm staying indoor in an air-conditioned office. it usually lasts for half day, say, if i put it on in the morning, it will last until noon only. on a scorching hot days which i am required to work outdoor, i'd turn into an oily mess within 2 to 3 hours. however due to the tackiness, i feel like it serves as a good base for makeup. plus, it doesn't leave a white cast so it won't make your foundation looks greyish.

this product is fragrance-free, so if you are someone who doesn’t like any kind of fragrance in your facial products, or you are sensitive to fragrance in skincare items, then this might be the one for you. as the product claims it is non-comedogenic, i did not experience any breakouts while having it on my skin. for the price, i feel it is quite justifiable since a very little quantity is required every use. one pump is more than enough for face and neck, as the product spreads easily.

all in all, i feel like it will make you look greasy if you have oily skin. you can definitely see the 'oily effect' on the last picture i inserted above. so i guess this sunscreen caters best for normal to dry skin types. other than that, i feel like the sun protection should be higher. SPF 15 is definitely not enough, especially if you're living in Malaysia. for some reasons i noticed that my skin has became darker than it initially was. 

this product is available at Watsons for RM35.50. excellent price point, but i don't think i will repurchase since i feel like it's not suitable for me. i've stopped using it a long time ago and switched to Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50+ PA++++. best decision of my life lol

that's all for now. thanks for dropping by!