Saturday, January 10, 2015

All I Gotta Do Is Pass You By

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isn't it ridiculous how fast the time flies?

it's been precisely a week since the day i turned 21.

to be honest, i can't really remember how my days went. it's like i'm living in a solid human body but my soul just isn't there. i don't feel sad, i don't feel depressed, angry, frustrated yada yada yada. i just don't.

perhaps i'm totally drained up after all those weeks of crying my heart out. all i feel right now is.. emptiness. numb. i don't feel anything anymore. i'm done being miserable. the whole woeful thing is pointless.

i know that nothing will be fine. but i will. i'll be alright. maybe all i need is time, to heal my wounds. i've gone through all these shits before, i've survived, and i'm pretty damn sure i could do this all again. i've learnt that love's a bitch, so let it be. i will find my own happiness, even without a man to stand by my side. maybe i'm broken, flawed, scarred. but someday someone will love every bits of imperfections in me.

maybe it'll worth the wait.