Thursday, January 28, 2016

Red Lipstick On And High Heel Stilettos

i started wearing makeup when i was really young. i mean, literally, young. but at that time of course i had no idea about makeup quality like pigmentation, longevity, ingredients etc. all i knew was makeup makes you look pretty, and it's like painting an art on your face (fyi i love everything artsy so i think that's the main reason why it caught my eye at such a young age)

the very first makeup palette that i owned was a cheap, shitty, unbranded one which you can find at pretty much all cheap stores for RM10-RM15 each hahahah i was a beginner alright, if you started to get to know makeup when you're 10, you must've gone through the exact same phase as me, don't lie (except if you're filthy rich.... you lucky bij)

i remember that palette really well. there were 12 shimmery colours altogether, and even though it's super cheap, i had to admit some of them were pretty good. as i grew older, i began to fall in love with the beauty of plain, dark colours. since then, i started to buy makeup products from the local drugstores such as Watsons and Guardian. since money was finite, i kept my makeup range within bounds. i never bought anything other than those from Silkygirl and IN2IT.

only when i hit 20, i began to explore foreign brands. i learned more advanced stuff like contouring, highlighting, bronzing, etc. and i learned new makeup tips and tricks almost every day from Youtubers such as Lisa Eldridge, Kathleen Lights, Em Ford (My Pale Skin). makeup had slowly becoming my new passion. until now, i keep thinking about getting my hands on new products every two miliseconds hahahahah

let's talk about haul. so this month's damages are:
1) Elianto Natural Mineral Loose Powder (Natural Beige)
2) Elianto Brilliant Riche Lip Colour (04 Sexy)
3) Pixy UV Whitening Two-Way Cake Perfect Fit (Natural Beige)
4) Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm from SilkyGirl (01 Vogue)
5) Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (52 Vanilla)
6) Catrice All Round Concealer
7) MiXiu Fibre Mascara
8) Elianto Satin Ultimate Rouge Lipstick (M09)

oh and i'm thinking about getting a new eyeshadow palette that i really, really like. i made a short list of my top favourites, and after months of reading reviews, i decided to go for BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette. i've ordered it along with ColourPop Lippie Stix in Brink and expected to arrive in mid February. i honestly can't wait to get my hands on them babies aaaaaaarghhhhhhh

since i had a lot of experience using drugstores makeup, maybe i can do some reviews on them. y'know, perhaps they might be helpful to beginners and those who prefer drugstores over high end stores. i won't be acting like a pro because i definitely am not. instead, i'll use this blog as a medium to share my honest thoughts. i have a medium-toned skin which is extremely oily and prone to breakouts. i believe there are many, many people out there especially Asians who have the same skin tone and skin condition as mine, so maybe i could help to recommend a good skincare to fight pimples and choose the perfect foundation. does that sound good? yeah?

so i guess you should expect more product review posts in the future. i'd love to hear your sincere thoughts as well. leave some comments in the chat box alright, see you soon. x