Thursday, March 24, 2016

Too Much Is Never Enough

so here's the thing. yesterday i typed out another 40 random things about me (again) and to my dismay, the post is nowhere to be seen in the draft. so i guess i have to start all over again. well, ISN'T THIS FUN

in the previous post i listed out 60-things-people-don't-bother-asking-me-about-but-i-want-to-tell-you-anyway, so i'm just gonna proceed....

61) i can never understand how a person can live with vegetables and green tea

62) the reason why i really want a fair skin tone is because it can go well with any colour especially pastels. man how i wish i can pull off pastels and white shawls

63) i'm more comfortable in skinny jeans compared to skirts and palazzo pants

64) i don't know how to choose the right footwear. i need my friends to tell me whether the shoes look good on me or not

65) my dream house.. doesn't necessarily be gigantic, but i'd love to have a spacious kitchen because i know my mom would love that too, and i want a private backyard for chilling/ family activities. next to my bedroom, i want a walk-in closet for my clothes, makeup, shoes and stuff, with a huge mirror at one side of the room. i'd love to have wooden flooring, with soft-coloured wall paintings and big windows everywhere. 

 66) i'm not as adventurous when it comes to food. i would normally order the same thing everytime i eat outside

67) i like to be involved in charity programs. i like helping people

68) growing up with two brothers, i naturally became a gamer. until today, i play video games everytime i got the chance to

69) what i said above might be the reason why my favourite Youtuber is PewDiePie

70) my feet are of different size. the left one is smaller than the right side. it's hella tricky to buy shoes, seriously

71) flowers will always make a girl's day, regardless what type it is. to be honest, i used to hate flowers and i thought people who give flowers as a gift is pointless. but.. yeah, guess i changed my mind lol

72) i wish there's an app that allows you to chat with an actual caunsellor. there are things that we rather not talk about with family/ friends/ someone we personally know. i've gone through those difficult days, wishing i had someone to talk to, who would listen without judging me in the first place. so my point is, i believe a stranger with a good caunselling knowledge would be extremely helpful and useful to the youngsters these days

73) judging someone based on their appearance is totally wrong. you could be entirely covered with no aurah showing but that doesn't make you better than anyone else. i met a lot of this kind of people before, i have a lot of reasons for not looking up to them

74) i believe that it's ok that people don't see you as religious, but what matters is the things that you do to prove your faith to god when nobody else is seeing

75) sometimes i count my steps as i walk

76) i've been to Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Makkah and Madinah

77) planning to further my study in Australia

78) i hate guys who smoke, do shisha or vapor

79) i spend a lot on my hair, face, body, skin care products

80) i don't like smiling with my teeth showing. why? because, if you look properly, you'd see that there's a gap in between my front tooth, and those two teeth are slightly misaligned. how did this happen? i tried to break a crab shell using my teeth. yep, i bet you can figure out how the story goes.

81) to me Hayley Williams is the best female singer in the industry. it's sad that she's so underrated, just because she doesn't go 99% naked in music videos like most famous celebs do

82) i tend to get attracted to people who smell nice

83) my childhood crush is Zac Efron (High School Musical) and Skandar Keynes (Narnia)

84) i can literally take any coffee. cappuccino, mocha, latte, expresso, whatever. as long as it is strong and not too milky

85) i always create situations that never happen in my head

86) i'm not a great cook. of course i can handle rice, mushroom soup, fried chicken/prawn/fish, canned food like sardine, carbonara etc. but the only homemade recipes that i knew how to make are chicken curry and spaghetti. i'm not used to cooking in the kitchen because all my life i had maids to prepare meals at home, so.. gotta learn more soon

87) mom taught everyone in the family to limit sugar consumption, especially in drinks. because of that, i think most beverages served in other places are way too sweet for my liking

88) i have super weak limbs. i get so tired after 10 minutes of sweeping the floor lewls

89) i wish i had a sister

90) i need soy sauce and anything spicy everytime i eat. otherwise my appetite gonna go dead

91) i never like Kpop and never will

92) guys who wear shirt with rolled up sleeves and a pair of dark blue jeans stay winning

93) i like watching pretty girls with beautiful body

94) speaking of pretty face, i think boys who bash girls who wear makeup are complete trash. seriously, do guys think all girls are blessed with full brows, pink lips and flawless skin? if you want a perfect girl, go marry the Barbie doll, u dickhead

95) i bring my phone everywhere with me, including the loo

96) before going to bed, i will count how many hours of sleep i'm going to get

97) pretty sure by now 'tired' is just part of my personality description

98) nobody believes me when i say i'm not capable of controlling my negative thoughts

99) i whisper "what the fuck" to myself 50 times a day

100) most of my friends say that i'm more romantic than my boyfriend. who am i kidding, of course they're right hahahahah