Friday, April 15, 2016

Product Review : Nu Teen Sleeping Mask

i meant to make a review about this product a longggg time ago but i....... completely. forgot.

this product has been my life saver for a long time. honestly when i first bought it (around 2011, i guess) i wasn't expecting to get such a remarkable result since it's from a brand that isn't much talked about. so when it actually does what it claims to do, i was so thrilled

Nu Teen Sleeping Mask comes in a simple yet cute packaging. it's super easy to use - before you go to sleep, apply a thin layer of the product onto your skin. it gives an instant cooling sensation to your skin and it feels saaahh goooodddd lemme tell ya. it does has a scent, which i don't really know how to describe.. but i find the scent quite calming so of course it doesn't bother me at all. just leave it on your skin and wash it off once you wake up. i swear this product works wonder every single freakin time i had a terrible breakouts, especially during my teenage years. like, when i suddenly got that gigantic pimple that came out out of nowhere, this product helps to soothe the pimple. in fact, if you apply it as soon as you notice that the pimple is there, this product can clear it out merely in few hours. not only that, it makes your skin really really really smooth. like a baby's butt. yeap

so here's a few pictures that i managed to take. i had to throw it away since it's already exceeding its expiring date. Nu Teen can be easily found in local drugstores (Watsons, Guardian) and i guarantee that it's affordable. if you don't mind experimenting with new stuff, i'd definitely recommend this product as it really helped to soothe 'em pimples overnight.

isn't the packaging cute?!

directions are written at the back of the packaging

the consistency is pretty similar to common mosturisers. the green-ish colour fades away once you've applied it onto your skin

hope this post helps. xx