Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Feels Like This Could Be Forever Tonight

since i have nothing else to talk about, let's just proceed with another random-facts-that-people-don't-give-a-shit-about-me post

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101) i've always thought i'm a mascara junkie.. until i realised i actually own more lip products more than anything else

102) the least thing i like about my feature is.. probably my nose. i wish it isn't too wide lewls

103) my fav feature of myself is.. probably my finger nails. i love the fact that my nails have made my femininity more visible, but i really hate those bulging veins on my hands. apparently there's nothing i can do to get rid of them since i am too skinny

104) i will never let anyone clean my room, because back then when i was little, i used to write stuff in different books. those books are everywhere in my room and god knows how embarrassing it would be if anyone ever reads what i wrote in there

105) i prefer using a straw when drinking. and i had this habit of biting the edge of the straw.. which is a good thing, though. at least nobody can have my drink lewls

106) when i was little i insisted on having this single double-decker bed with a ladder at its side and several shelves next to the bed below. since i wanted it so bad, dad bought it for me. it's cute to have that when you're 7, but now i'm 22 and still stuck with that colourful bed with a word "C H I L D R E N" permanently glued to it

107) i'm always the last one to finish eating. i don't know why, i prefer taking my time to enjoy my meal

108) i don't know how to eat using spoon and fork. so many people have tried to teach me but somehow i just couldn't do it. you should see me cutting a chicken. it may come back to life and fly away from the grip of my fork

109) back in the school days, i was so obsessed with satay ikan. there's this one pakcik who used to sell it near the parking lot where the school buses wait for students so every day after school, i'd spring to that pakcik to get some of those delicious satay yum yumm, i think it costs only 20 cents per stick by that time

110) i can make my finger touching the back of my hand. my boyfriend freaks out everytime i do it. he thought it could break the bone of my finger. and it made me do it even more just to piss him off

111) i believe that everyone has secrets. no matter how much you open up to someone, there are still things that you can't reveal. some things are better left unsaid, right?

112) at times i'm pretty slow at digesting information. like, by the end of the class when my lecturer asks "any questions?" i could never come out with anything. i have to re-read the whole thing on my own again, and only then, i would think of something to ask

113) during my school years, i was oftenly awarded best student in Penulisan, and sometimes in Science, English and also Maths (yes, Maths. i know, i don't know how the fuck that happened either) i was constantly on the top 3 in my class, but things drastically changed once i started to enroll in SBP. long story.. these are the trophies that i received.. and half of my makeup collection beneath

114) if you can't tell already, my bedroom wall is painted in apple green (because i've been suffering from short-sightedness since i was 10 and i thought green would be great for my vision) but yeah that was 12 years ago and now i'm thinking of changing to a softer or more neutral tone soon. i'm thinking of something like icy white with a little hint of light grey, or ivory. i don't know why but ever since i turned 22 i'm really eager to transform my room into my dream personal space. i want everything to match my personality and soul, from the painting to the furniture to decoration and stuff. in my mind i see myself in a simple yet elegant bedroom with an ample lighting (but that might be a challenge since the size of my room is pretty weird. it's like the room is divided into two parts. the part closer to the door is like of normal height, but the part next to the window is like, three quarter of the actual height. terrible workmanship there, i must say) i prefer hardwood flooring so yeah that might be future consideration too (now it's turquoise tiles) 

115) i will never leave the house without putting on any mascara or lips product. i'm so used to wearing that when i don't, people would assume that i'm sick

116) my strength would probably be my listening skill. if i attend a lecture and truly pay attention to the topic, i don't need to read the notes again before exam because i have it all memorized in my head

117) my weakness is definitely all things communication-related. dude i don't know why it's so hard for me to simply talk. it must be obvious enough that even my lecturer had once pointed directly to me and be like "guurll you gotta learn to speak your mind". I SWEAR I'M WORKING ON IT

118) i don't like strawberry flavour in anything. so does red velvet. i don't know why, i have a strange automatic reaction everytime i encounter with anything red-ish. which might answer why i am so afraid to taste pomegranate and all those million kinds of berries.

119) i don't read newspapers. i just watch the news on tv, and that only happens if any of my family members switch the channel and i had no other option but to watch too

120) i never saw anyone's face who looks like me. my boyfriend told me i look like Eija (the Malay actress who used to be quite famous once ago) i thought the only similar feature about us is our high cheek bones. other than that? NAY.

121) sometimes i Google myself just to check out what people will find out if they Google me

122) it annoys me when girls don't smile back, like BEYTCH WHO U THINK U R

123) 70% of my phone playlist are sad songs. because the songs that i listen to are mostly reflections of my situation. now you know how upset i always am

124) i'm easily irritated. don't test me

125) i wish some of the 'futuristic tools' from Doraemon's pockets are real. like, i want that machine that can convert whatsoever items into money. i really wanna get rid of my books, furniture, clothes that i don't use anymore but they're still in good condition so i don't want to simply dump them in the bin..

126) i'm so clingy. my future husband better be ready for straight 48 hours cuddle

127) i will end up hating the song that i choose as an alarm

128) i'm easily impressed by people who can do something that requires certain skills that i can't do. for instance, playing any musical instrument

129) i tried archery once, and did pretty well during my first time. would love to do that again sometime

130) it makes me sad when i can't do anything whenever cats approach me because i don't have food with me

131) i see love in little things. i love little things. like, when you randomly call me just because you miss the sound of my voice, when you post an offguard pic of me and be like "she's so pretty" i'd probably cry diamond tears

132) i hate going out when my phone isn't fully charged

133) i'm the kind of person who would randomly buy stuff that caught my eyes and give them to people that i love

134) i'm allergic to milk and smoke

135) i'm a sucker for flannels and sweaters

136) i like my pants and skirts high-waisted

137) whenever i go shopping, the length of pants that i really want will always be too long for my height. HAIHHH. at the age of 22, i barely exceed 5' 1"

138) i usually wear basic, casual daily look. that's the thing about me. maybe i'm just plain and boring, i don't know how to mix and match clothes with various designs. i mean, i don't know how to wear glittery dresses, lace tops, like, really feminine stuff that look classy on most girls i've seen. i always buy basic shirts- one solid colour that i can wear with skinny jeans. i'm trying to learn though, because i do want to look and beautiful and confident and comfortable in my own skin.

139) i'm always struggling to communicate verbally with people in English. i always had to arrange the sentence in my head first and then think whether i'm using the right grammar and then i'd think about the pronounciation and usually end up saying things that aren't the ones i had in my mind earlier. i'm weird like that

140) i don't want my kids growing up afraid to tell me things. you're dating someone? okay. you're struggling? that's alright. i want them to be able to talk to me without feeling like they're going to be punished, so they end up isolating and keeping things from me. i want them to feel safe opening up to me without fear or judgement. when it's hard to trust people nowadays, i want them to know i'm always here, even when everyone leaves. i don't want them feeling the same pain that i went through so much throughout my teenage years

141) i like the idea of physical contact. no don't get me wrong. i'm not talking about sex by any means. what i'm trying to say here is, i like close proximity with someone that i truly care about. i feel content in their presence. i don't even know how to describe it. that's just how i feel

142) i own 12 different black plain shawls, so if you think i wear the same black shawl everyday, u r dead wrong hunneh

143) i love those night car rides with my childhood friends, because somehow we could find the strength to say things that we never talked about before

144) as a girlfriend i'm never going to be okay with my man being around girls that like him or liked him. i don't care if he doesn't like them back or he had nothing to do with them anymore. he better be wise enough to stay away from them, like, boy u my property now u stick to my rules

145) speaking of my boyfriend, we met for the first time on 2010. he was actually one of my classmates in high school

 146) we barely knew each other when he suddenly approached me one night in April and asked me to be his girlfriend. he said he'd give me a week to think about it but three days later he already bugged me demanding for my answer hahahahah gelojoh tau

 147) the only sports that i wish i could see live is Quidditch matches but i'm too big of a muggle

148) believe it or not, i have a serious phone anxiety. if i have to make or answer calls from someone that i don't know or not really close, i would ask another person nearby to do that on my behalf. real story here. i remember those times when i had to find a place to do my internship for about three months. i did whatever i could to reach the companies that i was interested in without having to talk directly to them. i sweat literal balls whenever my phone rings, especially when the screen displays unknown numbers

149) i always keep my bedroom door closed. it pisses me off when people left it opened after entering/ leaving. i don't know about you, but privacy is my utmost priority. not that i have anything to hide, but i just like the idea of being alone

150) lie to me once and i will never trust you again