Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Product Review : Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm (Original vs Sensitive)

in case you don't keep up with the latest trends over on the Youtube beauty channels, you may not know about this one. Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm is now widely used by many makeup junkie as face primer. if you Google 'nivea post shave balm as makeup primer' you'll see many, many, MANY glowing reviews. so naturally, i was extremely excited to get my hands on this product.

if you look at the ingredients, the second ingredient is glycerin, which is in just about every face primer on the market. i wanted to give this a try because, you know i'm all about affordable products when it comes to makeup. i'm a degree student with no job, of course i can't afford higher end products like Too Faced, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown etc. i'm pretty sure many of you are on the same page as me.

before i give my honest review on this product, lemme share my story on discovering it..

to be honest, at first i didn't know that these post shave balms come in different types. i picked up my first bottle at local Mydin (but i'm pretty sure it's available pretty much in all local drugstores). the one i bought was the Original one (because that's the only type i saw on the display rack). so i put it on as my primer one morning and went to my faculty for studio session. y'know what, i ended up smelling like a man for the entire day. the manly scent didn't bother me that much but what bothers me was the strange glance from people around me. they were like "gurl y u smell like a man".. i thought the scent would go away after awhile but boyyyy am i wrong. the scent lingers all day on my face. so of course, i went back to Google to find out whether that was normal. AND. i found out that, i actually bought the wrong type. the one that's getting rave reviews is the Sensitive one, which i later found out, that it isn't available in my country. such a bummer, i know. i wasn't really into the Original one that i bought, so i sold it on Carousell.


as i mentioned before, the Sensitive type isn't available in Malaysia, so i had to pre-order it from a seller that i found on Carousell. sooo long story short, i finally got my hands on it and i felt stupid for not noticing the obvious difference between the packaging of the Original and the Sensitive, lol. the cap of the Original type is dark blue, while the Sensitive one is white.

the bottle is made of milk glass with a thick plastic screw-top lid. it's primary function is as a post-shave balm, so of course it doesn't come with a pump. the mouth on this bottle isn't super wide though, and i don't find it that difficult to control how much you dispense. the bottle feels a bit heavier than most plastic bottles. the product itself is quite thin and runny, but you can tilt the bottle at a slight angle and it comes out slowly enough into your palm so that you shouldn't have much trouble controlling the amount

the contents are more like watery lotion than what i expected a balm to be. just in case you didn't know how to use it, just rub the product (onto your face, just like the way you usually put your primer) until it becomes tacky, and let it sit for a minute before proceeding with your makeup regime.


i put this product before my daily Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. as i was going to site visit on that day, i skipped concealer, contour, highlight and all that fancy stuff. i had my brows done as usual, and i set my whole face using the Pixy compact powder and a litte hint of colour on my lips using the Maybelline Lip Gradation in Mauve 1, in addition to some Sivanna baked blusher and Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.
by the end of day 1, i was pretty impressed. my makeup looked great, even after hours of wear under the sun. i had a teeny tiny bit of breakthrough shine on my nose and cheek bones, there was small patches where it had worn off, but that's it.

i spent another day at a construction site. i found out that my makeup had settled into my fine lines. it was quite caked up around my nose. my face was greasy looking especially around the T-zone and cheeks area. that was just about three hours after application, but honestly i was kind of expecting that since, hey, a day on a construction site is nasty, lemme tell ya. you're all sweat and smelly, so of course i wasn't anticipating any magical result on that day. so that was ok in my opinion.


i wasn't exposed to the sun, but i had to run some errands from one place to another. i left my room around 9am and got back at 11pm. my makeup looks nice, and i barely need to touch up at all. out of all three days, my makeup stayed on the best on the third day. so i came to a conclusion that the product works well with minimal exposure to the sun.


as for the scent, the fragrance of the Sensitive one is not as strong as the Original one, but i still notice it during application and it does seem to linger for a few hours. but it does fade away, for sure. HOWEVER, this BROKE ME OUT. there's something about the ingredients, i think, that doesn't agree with my skin. it'll give me a few tiny bumps by the end of the day and it's such a shame :\

i'm not sure whether i will continue using the product. maybe i could make it work by applying less amount onto my face, who knows. so that's an honest review from me. hope this helps in any way. Xx 

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