Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Product Review : Beauty Treats Matte Blush Palette

hey everyone!
today i'm going to be talking about something that i'm loving right now. it's a blush palette by the brand Beauty Treats.

to be honest i've never heard of Beauty Treats before (since it's an American brand so yeah that's understandable) i just happened to stumble across this product while scrolling down random Carousell listings and saw this stunning palette consisting of 10 matte blushes. it excites me so much since i was actually on a hunt for a matte blush as i only own one shimmery baked blush from Sivanna and one matte soft pink blush from Silkygirl that's older than the universe.. and i am even more thrilled to get my hands on it since it's unbelievably inexpensive. like, guurrll, RM33 for 10 beautiful colours? GET OUT OF HERE

as you can see, there are ten colours in this palette ranging from light to dark. i think this would work on any skin tone, especially those of Asian skin like mine (i'm a natural beige). even better, you can mix shades together to make a custom shade that compliments your skin tone. how cool is that?

this palette is ginormoussss (yep that's totally a legit word) i realise that i didn't take enough photos of the palette so i'll upload more later, i promishhh

lemma warn you though, these are hella pigmented. you might want to be careful with your swipe on these colours because if you don't go light, you can easily end up looking like a clown. i thought of doing swatches on the back on my hand but nahh i ain't got time for that luls. so if you wanna see some swatches just hit Google images alright?

all in all, i personally think that it's worth the price. it might take me years to finish off the whole palette but if you ask me whether i would repurchase, yes i would. would i recommend this to you? hell yes i do. i never found anyone selling this product on Instagram before, so if you want to give it a try, i would recommend you to get yours from this Carousell seller : @lunanuna. she sells a lot more drugstore products that aren't available in Malaysia such as BH Cosmetics, e.l.f, LA Girl, etc. so go check her listings out.

thank you for reading, hope this review helps. xx

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