Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Product Review : Catrice All Round Concealer

this is actually the very first product that introduced me to the brand Catrice. by that time i just learned about colour correcting technique, so naturally i was tempted to find corrective makeup. as there are five colours in this palette to play with, i thought it's an interesting product so i bought mine from the local drugstore- Watsons in NU Sentral if i'm not mistaken. that's the thing about Watsons. not all retails carry the same makeup lines, so it's quite a pain to find certain brands such as Catrice, Bourjois, Essence, Physicians Formula etc. i don't remember the precise price for this palette but it definitely is less than RM20.

so this is how the packaging looks like. it's pretty light and slim so it's convenient for traveling. i like the fact that the lid is transparent so it's easy to see how much product left inside. it's easy to clean too if the palette gets messy since it's made of plastic. if you look at the back of the packaging, there are instruction and description on how to use each colour.

the first colour from the left is green, which is to neutralise redness. i'd apply this onto raging pimples (when i had them) and around my nose where it usually gets red for no reason.

second from left is a pink corrector. it's mainly for covering dark circles under the eyes but i also use them onto old scars or dark spots to cancel them out. the pink will neutralise the bluish tint to reduce the darkness.

there are three beige shades to conceal skin imperfections. one huge advantage here is the fact that you can custom-blend your own concealer colour, using a mix of two or all three shades. the colour in the middle is dark beige. it's darker than my actual skin tone, so i use it for nose contouring.

next one is medium beige. this is the colour i use the most. i use it for spot concealing, and to conceal excess brow hair.

the last one which is the first from the right side is light beige. it has a pink undertone to it, which doesn't suit me at all, to be honest. but i still use it every now and then to highlight my brow bones.

my thoughts:

i was super excited when i first purchased it because it was being raved a lot on twt_makeupmy official twitter. i heard good things about it pretty much everywhere and wanted to try it out for myself.

but then i started to wonder- how on earth should i apply these correctly? at first i used to apply foundation first, followed by the green/pink corrector, then apply concealer onto it and set it with loose powder. i found out that the green/pink colour is visible after all those layers, and i didn't even put that much amount to begin with. only weeks after that it hit me- dude, there's this thing called Google when you want to find out something, and then there's Youtube where thousands of makeup tutorials and reviews are posted on daily basis..

so yeah, i found out that the best way to wear the correctors is by applying them before the foundation. the product is best applied using finger by tapping motion. a beauty blender or sponge can do the work as well, but my advice is, do not apply with brushes because it won't blend nicely that way.

Catrice All Round Concealer swatches on my natural beige/medium skin

the product has a really creamy consistency and it dries off to a matte, almost powdery finish. it dries out pretty quickly too. sadly, i don't think this product agrees with my skin because it always creases especially around the eye area, and i don't think the green concealer does much in neutralising my redness.

all in all, i won't say that this is my favourite concealing product, and definitely not a must-have, if you ask me. the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer can do a much better job in terms of coverage and longevity, but since it's not available in any Malaysian stores, i guess this Catrice All Round Concealer palette is worth a try if you're on budget. it might work perfectly on you, especially if you have a slightly dry to normal skin.

that's all from me, i hope this post is helpful. xx

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