Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Product Review : Velvet Vanity Liquid Matte Lipstick

if you're keeping up with the beauty world, you should've known that Velvet Vanity Cosmetics, which is a Malaysian brand, have launched three gorgeous shades of liquid lipsticks on 25 March 2016. these products are 100% vegan, never tested on animals and has been approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. ever since they were released, they're constantly out of stock.

meet the ultimate trio- Libra Baby, Slamberry and Blood Wasted.

i only managed to get my hands on one of them this month. so without further ado, let's jump right in to the review~

so i bought Libra Baby, which is the lightest shade of the three. it is nude with peachy pink undertone. price wise, i don't think it's considered affordable, but at the same time it's still cheaper than most high-end brands. each VV liquid lipstick retails for RM59.00.

the packaging looks simple yet chic, but honestly i was hoping for a longer tube. i mean, for that price i'm expecting more content y'know. anyway that's just my humble opinion. as for the box, i thought the colour looks fun and yummy. perfect resemblance of youth.

the lipstick comes with a usual doe-foot applicator. in term of texture, the product glides on like a dream on the lips. it feels creamy yet a bit.. oily? i guess that's because of the ingredients. it takes a while to dry but when it's mattified, it doesn't feel dry on the lips. it's definitely lightweight but it does transfer especially when i drink or eat. however the product doesn't fade entirely.

Libra Baby swatched on the back of my hand

frankly at first, i wasn't sure whether this colour would suit me as i'm clearly nowhere near fair, neither dark. i'm a natural beige but since i spent some time in construction sites last few weeks, i got a bit tanned and my skin seems to stay that way. so for the moment, this Libra Baby makes me look washed out, but that's ok though, i can always mix it up with something darker.

so far i only tried it once to go out for several hours. i like how the colour looks on my lips in real life, but in photo it kinda blends in with my skin tone. the product has a faint candy scent. it might bother some people but i'm lovin it. in fact i actually wish the scent won't fade!

VV have made it clear on the box that we need to exfoliate our lips before applying the lipstick. my lips are pretty normal- not chapped, cracked whatsoever (thank god) so the product looks just nice on my lips. if you're not as lucky, do scrub your lips first, because a layer of lip balm isn't enough for you to get away with it.

before i end this post, here's a picture of a random swatches by @alicec_makeup that i found on Instagram.


i hope VV will come up with more colours (and probably do something to improve the formula?) i'm going to grab the remaining two shades - Slamberry and Blood Wasted. i don't know whether they're all of the same texture, whether the darker shade is more pigmented or less creamy or whatever? guess i'll find out soon. i'm not sure whether these VV lipsticks have been talked about by any international Youtube beauty gurus, but i do believe that they will make it far.

if you wanna check out Velvet Vanity's official Instagram, click here

until then. hope this post is helpful. xx

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