Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Product Review : Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

out of all the types of beauty product i own, mascara is the one product that i use the most. however, until today i still haven't found my holy grail mascara, so i'm constantly searching and naturally, i really couldn't wait to get my hands on this adorable chubby rose pink tube. i spotted this baby at the local drugstore - Watsons in Queensbay Mall, Penang and bought it right away.

this mascara claims to reveal layer upon layer of lashes for a full fan effect. the rubber brush features short, densely packed bristles along the inner curve (intended to deposit mascara at the root of lashes) and longer bristles elsewhere to sweep through lashes all the way to the tips. honestly, i don't really care what the wand looks like, luls.

my thoughts :

i'm not sure whether it's just me or it's the same issue to everyone else, but i had to struggle. like, literally struggle to apply the mascara. i don't know why, the mascara didn't do much to my lashes. i'm pretty sure i got a bad one, because the content seemed to have dried out. everytime i dip the wand into the tube, there's hardly any product at all! i've read hundreds reviews about this Lash Sensational, i'm pretty sure all of them stated that the formula is supposed to be wet. well guess what, mine is nothing near to wet. i know that there's no point in keeping this mascara anymore but somehow i still did, in hope i could still make it work.

the mascara dries pretty quickly so i had to work really fast to layer the product. i like the fact that the mascara doesn't weigh down my fine lashes, but too bad it didn’t provide much volume to my lashes. maybe it’s due to the not-so-plush wand. i prefer crazy thick or bold lashes. it’s not bad but it doesn’t really bring out the eyes as much as i would like it to.

wait, have i mentioned that taking the mascara off is as much a pain in the ass as putting it on? micellar water alone won't help much to remove all the residues. you'd need an oil cleanser to do the extra work. even some of my eyelashes fell off during the process, so yeah, that's that.

i wore a very neutral eye look here so you could really see how much my lashes stand out (after hundreds of coats, of course). no liner, just a bronze shadow on the lid and a warm brown in the crease

i’m not crazy about this Lash Sensational mascara, but i definitely don’t hate it. it’s not as full or fluttery as some of my other mascaras, but it makes a great everyday mascara. i find myself reaching for it whenever i want to wear a neutral eyes look, so i guess something about it must be working for me.

something tells me that i should repurchase the mascara. maybe next time, with a little bit of luck i would get one that works perfectly fine..

does it get the job done? yes. are there better? yes. if you like natural-looking lashes then go ahead and buy it. but if you're like me, then save your funds and try another mascara.

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