Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Product Review : Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion

after using Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion for a period of time, i feel obliged to share my impression with you all here so that you can make your own decision if you too are suffering from oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin like me. i am convinced that Mario Badescu is a reputable brand, simply because their Vitamin C Serum works wonder on my skin. long story short, i decided to try out the Special Cucumber Lotion after seeing so many raved reviews online.

to start off, this is a toner, not a regular lotion. my skin has always been super oily and new zits emerge on daily basis, so i thought it would be a perfect product to act as a toner and deep cleaning astringent, as it is supposed to fight acne.

let's start with the packaging. the bottle comes in only one size, which is 236ml. i've been using it on a daily basis for two to three months, and there's still a lot of amount left.

as you can see, the colour of the toner is yellowish-green (reminds me of pee, LOL) but it will fade quickly upon application onto the skin so don't worry about turning yellow or green afterwards (double LOL). there's a label on the bottle indicating that it's best used on combination and oily skin types.

there's the list of ingredients

for some reasons i thought the solution would be thicker in consistency but the actual texture is quite watery, and it absorbs onto the skin really quickly.

the scent of this product doesn't resemble anything close to cucumbers, unlike its name suggests. instead it has a strong chemical-like scent (i guess it's the alcohol?) it's a sharp scent, might be overwhelming to some but it didn't bother me that much as it'll fade after awhile.

it started off so well, my skin was the best it had ever been. at first the lotion actually helps in drying up blemishes, but it didn't prevent the new ones from emerging. not sure if it's actually working in lighten the scars since i always prod them anyway lol. but the lotion does help in evening out the skin from any discoloration. another thing i noticed is that my skin is super smooth upon sweeping the lotion across the skin using a cotton pad. even after cleansing my face using a makeup remover and proper foam cleanser, the lotion could still pick up whatever residues left.

however after frequent daily usage i do get some unwanted skin flaking around the nose area and forehead, even though i use the same amount of product as per usual but um dunno, must be the alcohol. as an astringent it could be harsh sometimes, but i like that it keeps my skin clean and disinfected.

i was super happy with the outcome for awhile as i can feel it tightening my pores but i skipped using it for months ever since i discovered Thayers Rose Petal Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Toner, which is a lot more gentle and pleasant. it started to go downhill when i started to use the Special Cucumber Lotion again. i was taken aback to see my skin reacted differently this time around. only minutes upon application i can see visible tiny bumps all over my forehead and what's more terrifying is, cystic acne appeared out of nowhere so that's a huge bummer. they were itchy and my face felt hot as if it was burning. my skin felt extremely tight as well. i'm not sure whether the content already turned bad because i'm quite certain it hasn't exceed its expiry date yet.

only then i decided to revert to my normal skincare routine. about three days later, the angry bumps went away. that was when i realised something wasn't quite right with the product i was using. i then took the time to search some of the main ingredients. only later i discovered that my skin is sensitive to a lot of things, including alcohol. apparently isopropyl alcohol is the second ingredient of the Special Cucumber Lotion. i found out that isopropyl alcohol is a skin irritant, especially when listed as one of the first five ingredients in any cosmetic product. it erodes the skin’s barrier, damages the skin’s ability to heal, keeps it in a constant state of stress and with prolonged use, can cause long term damage. unfortunately, it is used in many cosmetic products, usually to keep a formula stable but it’s also put in products that are meant for those with oily skin as it can give your skin a weightless, non-oily feel. the irony is that prolonged use of isopropyl alcohol on the skin can actually cause your skin to be even more oily than it was initially. i, of course, was beyond dismayed to discover this..

overall it was not a product that i found to be groundbreaking or particularly beneficial to my skin. i'm not fond of putting alcohol onto my face, so i highly doubt i will buy any Mario Badescu products again. if you have sensitive skin, you might want to stay away from this product too.

Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion (236ml) retails at RM86.00 at Sephora Malaysia, which was where i purchased mine. some say that you could get it at a cheaper price from Luxola compared to physical stores so you might want to try that.

last but not least, i'd like to highlight that my review is purely from my own experience. each and every one of us have different skin types and concerns, hence the product might react in an opposing manner.

that's all i gotta share. toodles. X

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