Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Product Review : SoonPure Snail Repair Solution

this item holds a special place in my heart, because it was the very first korean product that i ever tried in my life. i knew that snail mucin (also commonly known as snail filtrate) has been a popular ingredient in international cosmetics products for decades, but never in a million years would i ever thought that i would buy it from a local instashop called @hapusparutjerawat_7hari

i tried to find any reviews online about the Snail Repair Solution because like i said, it was my very first K-product so i wasn't familiar with the brands. but there were only a few that's related to SoonPure. i guess the product is either new, or kind of an indie brand?

long story short, i purchased a bottle of the snail solution and a set of derma roller. i'll spare the derma roller review for another time. for now, let's talk about the snail solution first alright.

Item Type: Snail Repairing Solution
Brand: Soon Pure
Volume: 10ml
Effect: Moisturizing, anti-acne, anti-wrinkle, pockmark remover, repairing skin from sunburn, firming skin, eliminating toxin
Bottle Material: Glass
Weight: About 40g

it comes in a small glass bottle (10ml). real story : i actually dropped not one but TWO bottles, and they cracked so the content spilled out from the bottom. such a waste, since there's still plenty of amount left..

the fact that it comes in a tube appealed to me because i think tubes are more hygienic. the bottle comes in a small box that explains how to use it and the list of ingredients is printed in Korean language on the back of the box/packaging, so i had to Google it of course. apparently it only contains water, glycerin, butanediol, snail discharge and propylene glycol. i'm not so fond of a product that comes with a long-ass ingredient list so i decided that i should give this a chance.

as you can see here, the solution is transparent.

the essence feels lightweight and slimy (we're talking about snail juice here, duhh) but for some reason i kinda like it. not too runny or watery.

it spreads easily and leaves a natural finish. it may feel tacky a bit, but the stickiness will be gone in less than a minute. i find that the product absorbs better when you gently tap it into the skin.

to be honest, snail seemed to be the most amazing thing ever. more effective than any other products i've tried in my life (datsa big claim but dats da truth boiii)

i've emptied the first bottle in a month, and i notice significant differences. on most part of my cheeks, i had a small bumps (i don't think they are acne), in fact i don't even know what they are? but when i started using this essence regularly, i noticed that the lump was slowly disappearing, it’s still there but it’s flattened and a lot less noticeable than before. so what did i do? i ordered another four bottles!

besides healing pimples, the essence facilitates regeneration of wounded tissues and acne scars too! i was surprised that the pimple was gone so fast and along with the redness. even better, my skin is so much hydrated and plump ever since i started using it on daily basis. my skin texture gradually improves over a period (like, after three to four months?)

overall, i think this snail mucin works really well for blemishes. it’s handy to have it as a spot treatment or to use as a treatment step in an existing routine. it might also help with wrinkles over time, and hopefully helps to boost collagen production although this is also something that would take time to see. at this point i am planning to keep repurchasing this, simply because it's my lifesaver. and thanks to this product, it convinced me to explore the beauty of Korean skincare.

i'm not sure if it will work the same for other skin type. i have an oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin; and i found it works as a hydrator as well. sometimes i do top it off with another non-comedogenic gel or serum for extra hydration.

the only drawback is that you have to use it within 15 days after opening to achieve better effect. in my case, i couldn't fully utilise the entire bottle within that short time span since i alternate different product every other day. another similar product that i include in my skincare routine is Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence, but it's not as effective as the SoonPure's.

i mentioned earlier, i bought mine from IGshop for RM60 per bottle, which is esssspensiveee for such a small amount of product. but again, it actually works so it's totally up to you. also, you can get it for RM35.51 per bottle on NewChic, as they are having a 50% off sale ongoing right now.

that is all for this post. do let me know if you have any snail mucin product that works for you! i've been eyeing the firm favourite amongst snail skincare devotees both in and out of Asia, which is the Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. i'll let you know once i got my hands on it.

toodles! x

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