Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Product Review : The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution

The Ordinary brand has made a huge wave in the skincare industry for its super affordable products. i first heard about it from Wayne Goss on YouTube who raved about this brand sooo much and he pretty much introduced the brand to a larger beauty community. at this point i believe every skincare addict would own at least one The Ordinary item. i wanted to jump on The Ordinary bandwagon as well (don’t want to miss out on the hype, now do we?) but i was overwhelmed with all of the products! i didn’t even know where to start looking. i didn't want to go with the cult favourite just because of the rave.

i wanted to get something that i really need in my routine. so i started evaluating my skin concerns and it seems like i have yet to find the products to address my persistent acne issues. therefore after months of consideration i decided to try their Salicylic Acid 2% Solution.

the bottle contains 30ml of product, which is a lot, in my opinion, especially if you're using it only for spots treatment.

i like that you can see how much product left inside as the bottle is frosted glass. but you have to be careful not to drop it.

this 2% treatment solution claims to help in exfoliating the inside walls of pores to fight the appearance of blemishes and for better visible skin clarity with continued use.

this salicylic acid solution comes in a frosted bottle with a pipette. 

this is a clear, thick, viscous consistency with no discernible fragrance to it.

the texture of this solution is watery-gel like. when it is rubbed or patted onto the skin, it tends to get a bit foamy, like you are rubbing on damp soap.

it's a bit tacky at first but it doesn't take too long to dry completely. it sinks into the skin nicely and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy afterwards. not sure whether it layers well under makeup or not, since i always go bare face while having this on my face anyway. so i can't say if makeup goes nicely on top of it.

it contains witch hazel, which may be mildly irritating to skin due to high in tannins

this is my first true BHA product. when i first apply it, i didn't know in what sequence i should use the product in, so i used it after toner (some reviewer said the acid should be applied onto clean and dry skin, so i suppose it's right after cleansing?) i did experience some stinging sensation and a little peeling from my usage. when i use this on congested areas, i would apply and tap it in until fully absorbed. it doesn't take long to dry down and so far i have no problems layering the rest on my skincare products.

but this solution can make some of the areas i applied to turn a bit dry (i have oily, sensitive skin), so i just made sure to slather a layer of emulsion or moisturiser on those dried areas. however do not mix this into lotions, as it needs to be at the pH level it's at. i usually wait about 20 minutes before i continue with other skincare items.

i expect my skin to become accustomed to the acid over time, but to my disappointment, it didn't. after continuous usage, i find that this salicylic acid solution brings some congestion to the surface. however, it pretty much does nothing to speed up the healing of a pimple once it comes to a head. instead of getting less side effects, new bumps appeared everytime i use it. i guess the chemical was too strong for my sensitive skin that it compromised my skin barrier.

the product claims to maintain visible clarity with continued use, so i'd apply this straight onto my entire face. that was quite dumb on my part too as i decided to completely skip the spot test of this before i did an all over application at night. it lathered up when rubbed in, but it didn't burn. pimples won't disappear overnight, but they will shrink considerably smaller the next day. but to my dismay, at least three new zits would pop up the morning after.

the price, ingredients and packaging are all great, but performance-wise, it was a disappointment. for me, at least. if you don't have sensitive skin and your skin responds well to salicylic acid, go for it, this product might work wonders on you. but some people like me, will find this irritating, and that's fine. don't blame the product, you just have to take it easy. use less, or don't use it at all. to me personally, i really don't see why i should keep using this product as i barely see any improvement on my skin.

if you've tried The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution, do share your thoughts in comments!

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